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Ladies Brunch at Ritz Carlton

MyList Ladies Brunch at Ritz Carlton

November 4, 2017


In time for pink October, a number of Egypt's top inspiring women were invited to an intimate afternoon. MyList Egypt organized an exclusive meet and greet event at Ritz Carlton hotel to raise awareness regarding breast cancer.
A total of 10 women gathered around a table decorated with a number of tea cups and pots as well as a rainbow of pass-arounds. During the brunch, MyList's founder walked the guests through the website's advisory services and wide selection of retailers.
The ladies were interested to learn more about the European concept of gift registry and ease involved in the registration process. While a few women were keen to start registering their lists on spot in order to start gearing up for their upcoming birthdays, others were first to text their friends about it.

MyList is the first and leading digital gifting and rewards platform in the MENA region. The website allows visitors to create their personalized gift registry for an event through selecting the gifts online. Then they can easily share their lists with family and friends; who can purchase the gifts online.
On the other hand, aside from the practicality of online shopping, MyList helps users to split costs through group gifting. Furthermore, it offers several gift card options.
The main idea of this website came to life when the founders noticed a shift in the market; especially in the bridal sector. According to their market research, recent evolution of wedding registries indicate that people no longer want to place their entire registry in one shop and, by definition, one category of product; instead, they prefer a variety of products and experiences.

MyList comes as the ideal answer for this update as it offers a diversity of gifts and an expert advisory service to direct clients to suitable partner stores. The perfect gift is currently only one click away at
Invite your friends and start listing your wishes as early as now.