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MyList Lifestyle Icon Etiquette Event

MyList Lifestyle Icon Etiquette Event

February 11, 2016



On February 11th, Dina El Selmy in collaboration with MyList and the trendiest brands in town organized the exclusive ‘Lifestyle Icon Etiquette’ event. The gathering took place at Dusit Thani Hotel in New Cairo with some of the city’s top media and social media influencers. 

This ultimate luxury lifestyle experience evolved to showcase the finer brands from fashion to beauty and luxury gifts to exquisite jewelry to help define the parameters of what is expected in gifting, fashion and beauty. A lot of topics were brought to light by the field’s experts such as: modern dining etiquette, dressing games, couples’ etiquette and unwritten rules of etiquette.

Over and above, the night sparkled by the presence of more than 50 iconic social media stars such as: Ghadir Al Agabany, Noha El Sherbiny, Yara El Guindy, Sarah Taha; who, along with their exquisite hostess Sherine Hamdy, took a hands-on approach to practice the topic of the night.

Mylist’s magnificent team was accompanied by Pauline Ansari, our powerhouse COO who flew in directly from Dubai to meet and mingle with the country’s best influencers. Through a captivating speech, they were all introduced to our innovative concept: an online platform turning your wishes into gifts! In like manner, the lovely crowd had the opportunity to gain an insight into MyList’s success in becoming the leading online gift registry in the region, as well as an exclusive glance into our thrilling plans for the near future!

After all guests were indulged in gourmet delights and gorgeous presentations, each lady received her very own MyList gift card and gained firsthand experience in treating themselves to the perfect gift from any of MyList partner stores like Monaya Gallery, Crystal Asfour, BTech etc.

It was indeed a night to be remembered by MyList and all the attendees, and we wish to have each of our lovely readers in the next one!