Cafe and Terrace

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Time to meet at your fabulous corner coffee shop! Spend the day sipping on cappuccino, latte or a delicious hot cocoa. Have a chat with your friendly barista and see what amazing things your neighborhood has to offer. With lights and real coffee sounds, it’s almost better than the real thing.
A collection of 6" dolls that are small and fit in anything, they are easy to travel with and carry around. They are an adventurous, trendy, smart group of multi-cultural friends. They have soft body material, easy to comb hair, and great accessories and outfits with many different themes and lifestyles.
Hedeya - Egypt : Hedeya is the first in the Egyptian market & in the Middle East offering immediate home delivery for babies & kids stuff. Hedeya brings together local & international brands to offer parents the most comprehensive range of products at the most competitive prices. Hedeya stores are rated to be the most elegant stores in Egypt and “New Cairo” building in 90 st. is the biggest store in the Middle East offering every single item mums are looking for.
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