Alb Filters Engineering


A.A. Engineering company is specialized in American Water Heaters, which excel in their high quality and liability and can even withstand the local climate and water conditions. Our products are one of the most reliable in the market and stand out due to their ecological efficiency and long-life. Our main goal is to provide products and services of excellent quality, that exceeds our customer expectations and requirements. Owing to our wealth of experience and k0wledge accumulated in more than 30 years we are able to provide our clients with reliable technical service, a quick installation and ongoing support. In addition to our water heating system and pool heaters we have recently added 2 new products to our portfolio. The Berkey water filters (US brand) and Hzwo shower filters (German brand). We choose these products to be introduced to our local market in order to offer our clients with better and healthier life style.


Office Building # 259, Road 90 North. 5th Settlement, New Cairo. Egypt
Opening Hours : Sunday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM