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B.TECH stands as the largest specialized retail and trade network nationwide, bringing state-of-the-art household appliances, consumer electronics, mobile, and IT products and services to Egyptian customers everywhere. B.TECH started its distribution operation in 2005, becoming the exclusive agent for several international brands like Ariston, Babyliss, Daewoo, and Craft. 0w, B.TECH boasts a collection of brands including Meile, Braun, Magic, and as of June 2014, AppleB.TECH was established in 1997 with three retail branches: the Mokattam branch, the Sayeda Zeinab branch, the Orabi branch in Mohandiseen, and the Maadi Grand Mall branch. By 2002, we had 23 operating branches, and in 2015 B.TECH opened its 63rd branch in the gover0rate of Alexandria, marking the 11th in that city, becoming the largest nationwide retailer for consumer electronics, household appliances, mobile and information tech0logy products, serving our customers from Marina in the 0rth Coast and Hurghada in the Red Sea to Luxor and Aswan in the South. In addition to the unparalleled chain of accessible, fully owned retail outlets, B.TECH offers its assistance to consumers in every gover0rate, city, and town in Egypt through a large network of dealers and service centers.


Over years now we have been working day & night to fulfill our promises to our esteemed valued clients to be always updating ourselves and expanding to meet their expectations and fulfill their requirements. With the help of our loyal clients Hedeya turned to be the key word for Mum’s maximum comfort & kids’ utmost pleasure

Our well trained call center works around the clock to serve our clients and satisfy them all the way. Our online store is the one-stop online marketplace for all mums’ needs & it is ranked as one of the top online stores in the Middle East

Gr8world understands the challenges of the modern tourism industry and knows that planning, developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success. We take all trends in tourism business into consideration, invest in new infrastructure and offer both leisure and business travel solutions, and event planning through state of the art technology. In this way we can keep up with all new market demands and secure the future of our company as well.


Fortune, is the absolute hub of exquisite beauty and charm with a vast exposure to best perfume, makeup & skincare brands worldwide. Satisfying your passion for an alluring lifestyle, we crave for creating a unique glamorous experience with our outstanding and indulging services and products.


Founded in 2011, ariika is the leading manufacturer & distributor of bean bags and alternative furniture in Egypt. Our portfolio has since grown to encompass everything comfort: relaxing floating bags and mats, comfy air lounges, soft travel pillows, squishy big sacs and spongy bloxx (loungers) along with our super comfortable bean bags. With offices in Cairo & Dubai, and soon Jeddah, ariika aims to become people’s choice of comfort in every country it serves. At ariika, we have continuous focus on product in0vation as we plan to always launch unconditional and comfortable products with affordable prices in all the markets we serve.