Tiger Hot Air Balloon

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Let children set sail on a LEGO® Friends adventure with the Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue (41423). Kids can pretend to take to the skies to rescue a toy tiger cub from a waterfall. This set comes with 2 tiger cubs, plus a toy parrot and baby turtle toy. LEGO Friends is proud to support the work of National Geographic Explorers. Many ways to play In this jungle rescue animal playset are a wealth of wildlife adventure play starters. Kids can observe the toy baby tigers in their cave home or explore the rocky waterfall and discover diamonds. If they want to up the drama, they can use the tilting function to upend characters into the bubbling waters and kickstart a daring hot air balloon rescue. Action stations These rescue playsets let youngsters feel the thrill of embarking on an exciting mission! Even the build will be a blast – this set comes with Instructions PLUS on the LEGO Building Instructions app. Using the zoom, rotate and visualize modes, kids will feel like master builders!
MyList believes that creativity and imagination are the most important factor that needs to be present in a child’s life, that’s why Mylist has partnered up with Lego to provide the proper learning tools and and toys to expand your child’s imagination. Lego has been a fun tool for us, for our and your children and for the future generations to come. With their fun sizes and colors, your child will be able to build castles and bridges to dragons and lizards! MyList loves their simple concept of creating fun using imagination, that’s why Mylist urges every lister who is a parent to get a Lego toy for his or her precious little one.
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